Samsung Galaxy S3 – silence the camera shutter sound

Have you ever whipped out your Galaxy S3 to snap a sneaky picture of that can’t miss moment, and had the shutter sound go off like a gunshot in a forest. I know you have and it can be embarrassing to have the whole congregation turn around and give you the evil eye.
You can of course put the phone on silent before taking a picture, which will turn off the shutter sound. However, you have then effectively turned off sound for all events, including calls so if you forget to turn the sound back on you could miss that all important casting call.
So the solution is this handy little apk from Google.

This installs as an app which if you run it gives you the following screen

Tick to Turn off the shutter sound / UnTick to bring it back. Having this ticked does not affect Call & Messaging sounds.

Tested working on the Samsung Galaxy S3.


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